Bare Long Term Hair Removal System - White

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Bare Long Term Hair Removal System - White


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Product Information

  • An unparalleled beauty experience with the new SmoothSkin Bare Intense Pulsed Light hair removal device
  • The device has been designed with unique features so you can have simple, relaxed and effective treatments in the comfort of your own home
  • Ultra Fast -Breakthrough speed of 100 flashes per minute, less than 10 minutes for a complete body treatment
  • The time between flashes is just 0.6 seconds which means you can treat large areas super-fast
  • Safe and easy to use - Just plug it and it’s good to go! 
  • Unique Detect and Set feature - SmoothSkin Bare checks your skin tone before each flash and will only activate if it’s safe
  • For use on the body and face - SmoothSkin Bare can be used safely on most body areas: legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and more. SmoothSkin Bare can also be used to remove unwanted facial hair: upper lips, jaw line, and side burns just take seconds
  • Infinity flashes
  • Glide and Stamp Treatment Modes - making it ideal for small and large areas.
  • Not suitable on red, light blonde, white/grey hair or very dark skin 

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