Handy Tips and Tricks

Pet Clipping Tips & Tricks

Worried you will mess up your dog’s hair or hurt your dog by clipping their hair yourself? Think it’s too difficult to do or don’t have enough time?

Don’t fear! Below are some handy tips and tricks to keep you from running afoul while using your pet clippers.


Prepare and clean your dog

Before you cut your dog’s hair, make sure you treat your dog safely and plan how you're going to clip your dog.

Take your dog for a short walk to calm them down and burn off extra energy. Take a few minutes to pat your dog to make sure they are not overly stressed or scared.

Your dog needs to be clean and have all mats and tangles brushed out of her coat before you start clipping. So make sure you give your dog a thorough wash and brush before clipping. Doing so makes it easier for you to clip the coat evenly and reduce chance for pulling your dogs hair while clipping.

This will also remove abrasive oils and dirt, which can blunten your clipper blades.

               pet clip blades


Choose the right blade for your dog breed

Choose the clipper blade that works best with the specific type of coat your dog has, so you achieve the result you want.

If you're not sure about the cut of the blade you're using, please click here for a guide by breed. This will help in choosing the right blade for your dog breed.

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Use the right tool for the job

Understand that there is a difference between a clipper and a trimmer; a clipper is a larger tool designed to cut longer body hair. A trimmer is more of a detail tool that is used for touch-ups.



Choose the right guide for desired length

Make sure that you've chosen the clipper guide size that works best for your dog's coat.

Start with a blade guide that takes off less hair. You can always switch to a shorter guide, but you can't put back hair you’ve already taken off!

The lower the number of the blade guide, the shorter and finer the cut. Please click here to see an easy clipper blade guide reference.

                 Cool Ice Spray

Ensure your clipper is oiled

Be sure your clipper blades are sharp and well oiled. Dull clippers pull hair more.

Always use clipper coolant or lubricant on your blades to keep them from getting too warm and burning your dog. Clipper blades can become extremely hot, especially when you use them for a long time. Always check with your hand to see how warm the metal is. If it is hot, use clipper coolant or lubricant or let it cool down first.


Making your first clip

Hold the clippers in a way that feels comfortable in your hand and gives you the most control. Clip with the way the hair grows, not against it. Clippers can pinch, grab, or cut skin folds that get in the way, so it pays to run your hand down the dog's body as you slide the clipper down.

Don't apply pressure on the clipper while clipping. Just lightly move the blade across your dog. Otherwise, pressure can cause clipper burn. Clipper burn happens most in sensitive areas like the face, groin, and stomach.

The best way to start using your clippers is by neatening up areas where the fur has grown a little untidy. If the amount of hair you removed is too much or too little, you can adjust by switching to a more appropriate blade guide.


Practice makes perfect

Like with everything, the more you do it the better you will get at it.

Be persistent and follow the above tips and over time you will be able to set an efficient routine with your dog and achieve the best results!