Shave Brush Tips

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How to use a shaving brush:

Step 1.  Wet your brush and lather the soap

Fill your shave bowl with hot water, dip or leave the brush in it until the hairs are completely soaked.

You want the bristles to retain as much water as possible, so it can keep your face hydrated and protected during the shaving process.  So do not shake off too much excess water.

Place your shave soap into the bowl and begin to lather gently using a light circular or up-and-down motion for at least 20 seconds.  The thicker and richer the lather, and the more protection it provides to the skin. 

When applying the shaving cream or soap, avoid applying to much pressure that the badger hair splays.

Step  2.  Apply lather to your face

Too much pressure can cause bristles to flatten on your face, which flattens whiskers, whereas too little won‘t provide enough friction for a good lather.

You can use either a side to side motion, or a circular motion while applying the lather to your face. 

Why use a shaving brush?

A Shave Brush has 3 primary purposes;

1. Lather

The primary goal of the shaving brush is to absorb hot water and then infuse it into the shaving soap or cream. The bristles mix them together to create a dense and cushioning lather needed for a comfortable shave.

2. Exfoliation

Using the Shave brush on your face will create a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells on your face.

3. Lift flat lying hair

The brushing action will also lift any flat lying hairs allowing for a cleaner more thorough shave with less passes of the razor and therefore less chance of irritation

Varieties of Badger Hair:

Silver Tip/Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush

  • Silver Tip/ Pure Badger Bristle Brushes allow for an ideal balance of exfoliating and lathering traditional soaps as well as creating a plush lather with superb results.

  • The shape of the Edwin Jagger silver tip filled brushes is created by hand. The long hair from the neck of the animal is ultra soft, flexible and will provide years of luxurious shaving.

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Pure Badger Shaving Brush

  • Pure badger brushes have a courser texture than Silver Tip Brushes and are ideal for exfoliating and lathering traditional soaps.

  • Pure badger hair brushes will soften over time as they are knocked in. 

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Mixed Badger Shaving Brush

  • A Traditional Barbers Mixed Badger Hair Shave Brush is made from 100% Natural Badger Hair.

  • The badger hair is sourced from the neck, shoulders, abdomen and buttocks of the badger and so is made up of hair which covers around 60% of a badger's body.

  • Pure/Black Badger Bristle Brush is ideal for the newcomer to wet shaving and the stiff backbone nature of the bristle works wonderfully well with traditional soaps and creams.

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