Anti Ingrown Hair Serum


Anti Ingrown Hair Serum


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Product Information

Legole is pH balanced, water-based, not tested on animals and proven to be gentle on the skin. Unlike other ingrown hair removal products , this amazing product does not contain any alcohol, cream, gel or AHAs. All of these additives have been found to exacerbate the problem. Alcohol causes burning, drying and cracking while creams and gels are too sticky, leaving excess oiliness on the skin - which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to thrive.

How to use Legole’s Ingrown Hair Serum: 

Ingrown Hair Removal

Apply the Legole 3-in-1 anti ingrown hair serum treatment twice daily after showering. After drying the skin, vigorously rub the formula into the problem area with the clean palm of your hand until it is dry on the skin.

First the itchiness will reduce, which eliminates the need for scratching. Over the next few days of consistent application, the bump will start to recede. This is followed by the drying up of the pus. Then finally, the skin covering the mouth of the follicle will peel away. This will free the hair that is trapped inside the follicle.

NOTE: If your ingrown is very old and the layer over the follicle is very thick, we suggest you go to your doctor and have a cross incision made into the bump. This will allow the Legole 3-in-1 anti ingrown hair serum treatment to penetrate properly.

Suitable for both men and women, apply Legole 3-in-1 anti ingrown hair serum TWICE daily on your bikini line, Brazilian, under arms, legs, face or body. Remember to exfoliate daily with the natural Legole Sea Salt Exfoliator. This will remove dead cell build up which clogs the follicle making the condition worse. See more information below.

Odour elimination

Our formula also sanitises the skin, and eliminates odour from the area. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and the decomposition of bacteria creates odour. By eliminating moisture and sanitising the skin, Legole instantly eliminates odour.  Odour elimination is usually effective for 12 hours, depending on the climate you are in. Use Legole 3-in-1 as a daily odour elminator to keep you fresh, confident and odour free all day.

Skin Conditioning

We’re so confident that Legole is the best product for the removal of ingrown hairs available on the market. Legole also conditions the skin returning it to its original condition in days. Legole’s 3-in-1 anti ingrown hair serum treatment needs to be continually used daily to prevent the ingrown hair problem from reoccurring There is no need for pre or post products when using Legole.

All in one

Don’t spend time and money on three separate products when you can purchase one Legole product that performs all 3 essential functions. Legole is effective in days and saves you money too. What’s better still? Legole is guaranteed to work! The triple action formula has helped thousands of men and women globally alleviate ingrowns.

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